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Avon, Arbonne, Amazon, Nutrimetics, Isagenix, Herbalife...

Ok, so here's one.

What's your thoughts on all of these companies?  The products, are they just as good as in store.  I'd say yes, but how do you feel about being roped in to parties and collecting orders for your friends or work colleagues?
What's tough is when you already have an account and then 5 years later yet another friend or work colleague is on the band wagon and you physically can't support their business because you already have an account!

To be fair I have seen some success stories one that still thrives and one that actually did reach the 'goal' but within a few years the support 'under neath' hadn't continued so the title etc fell away.

It's an interesting sell, because most people do want to be self employed and stay home with their kids, is the dream, but some times just not sustainable as a ligit business option...

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